White Goods Disposal and Rubbish Clearance in Portsmouth
The Importance of Professional Disposal Services

Are you seeking clearance and disposal services that can save you money and help to protect the environment? This guide to our professional services will explain how we carry out free scrap metal collection and scrap car collection and why we undertake metal recycling. When you schedule a white goods disposal or rubbish clearance with BSM Metal & Rubbish Recycling, you should expect a stress-free, efficient service.

We tidy up the homes, business spaces and worksites of domestic, commercial and industrial clients in Portsmouth and the surrounding areas. Find out why we are a trusted choice for metal and waste collection by reading our testimonials.


What Exactly is Rubbish Clearance?

If you have furniture items or household appliances that you’re struggling to sell or give away and can’t throw in general waste, you should hire a skilled team to collect, transport and dispose of them. We will follow all safety regulations and even hold a waste carrier’s licence which is recognised by the UK’s Environmental Agency.

Professional rubbish clearance and white goods disposal teams cover the heavy lifting and find practical solutions for completing removals with as little disruption to your home or place of business as possible.

At BSM Metal & Rubbish Recycling, we cover all aspects of waste management in-house, also offering free scrap metal collection and scrap car collection to our clients in Portsmouth. We will always follow up with metal recycling services, so you know your old or damaged items are being reused and rehomed to reduce waste.

Why White Goods Disposal is Important

Ethical rubbish clearance and white goods disposal are good for the environment and economically beneficial for you. Our scrap metal collection service is free, so you can have a home clear out or get rid of unused building materials at no expense. You can also earn some extra cash with our scrap car collection service as we will pay you for your vehicle.

The improper disposal of electrical appliances can cause an abundance of environmental issues, such as:

  • Air Pollution 

  • Higher Demand for New Materials

  • Increased Carbon Emissions 

  • Loss of Valuable Resources

  • Unsightly Landfills and Mining Sites

  • Water and Soil Pollution

Our professionals will handle the safe removal of white goods from your property since many of these appliances contain potentially harmful chemicals like refrigerants, circuit boards and cooling agents.

As an environmentally conscious clearance company, we avoid landfills wherever possible. This means toxic chemicals from white goods will not be able to penetrate water streams and soil or emit harmful gases into the atmosphere.

How the Professionals Get It Done

When searching for the right team to safely collect and dispose of your old items, there are several things to consider. Here at BSM Metal & Rubbish Recycling, we offer a reliable, eco-friendly, efficient service. We have built a reputation as the preferred choice for clients in Portsmouth seeking rubbish clearances or white goods disposal.

When we carry out free scrap metal collection or scrap car collection, we always consider the environment, taking all viable scrap to metal recycling facilities.

For white goods disposal or rubbish clearance in Portsmouth, please call 07470 190775.